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I'm sick of the pain and insecurities I feel around men that I want to be romantically interested in.

So from here on out, I quit love. I'm not asexual, by all means I'm fine with sex. But I'm through with love, I just want to be friends with guys, and maybe have sex with one or two. I want to live this life for myself and myself only. I still care and love my friends, I'd even die for some, but I'd never change myself for anyone. And if I have I need to undo the changes I have done to please others. I want to be myself. If I want to bitch about my life, I'm going to do so and not care what others think. If they're my friends, they should want to hear about what's going on with me. If they don't care, then they were never my friends to begin with.
Even so, I need to live for and love myself.

The high of being loved isn't nearly worth the cost of heartbreak.

I don't need love.

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