Strawberry short-bitch (lemon_vampire) wrote,
Strawberry short-bitch

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Anotha toyd?!

Ok so in 2 days I watched the entire third season of queer as folk. nothing better to do with my time much?

yeah, ok, guys, FUCKIN HANG OUT WITH ME. I always have some crazy caper planned and a sack full of cash atm! I wanna hang out with all my friends, and spring break is coming up, so we should all do something fun, go downtown, shop, go to the beach for the first time this year, go to a spa, get our hair done, get our nails done, go to a concert, god I dunno, SOMETHING! I'm DYING of boredom.

Ok so I have like 4 days off next week. I better fuckin do SOMETHING with it.


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