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So I'm up in my room, when all of a sudden, not 10 minutes ago, the sound from the downstairs computer starts blasting. It's 4 am. I know no one's awake. I go downstairs and I hear some weird guy on the computer is talking about anime. I went downstairs and turned off the sound. Nothing was open that could play something like a documentary on anime. When I turn the sound back on. It's quiet.

What the hell. My dad just got his computer back from geek squad and his computer is broken.

Whatevz, I fucking hate geek squad, they never fix shit.

In other news, I beat Apollo Justice. What the hell is wrong with people?



Omg I want this (the one on the girl, not the mannequin):

:> it's so fruity. Course. I have huge tits. So it probz wouldn't go well for me. Unless I wore a strapless bra...
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