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Free Pancake day:

Time to give assholes free pancakes and not get any fucking tips. Not that I make any. But usually my customers will leave some money.

God and I bet they're all going to be ghetto black people too.




I had this horrible, HORRIBLE mental break down in the middle of work. I had to go to the back to recollect myself. And I made peanuts in tips.

But wow, it was even worse than I thought it would be. Ughhhh. I was about to cry all day.

And no, it wasn't even the black people who fucked me over. It was... Gee I dunno, THE PARTIES OF 20+ FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WHO THINK THEY ARE SO FUCKING COOL AND WONT SHUT THE FUCK UP. FUCK YOU HIGH SCHOOL KIDS. GOD. I know they're broke, but JESUS, even a dollar would have been better than NOTHING.

I can't WAIT till friday. I'm gonna go back to school and get the FUCK out of ihop. I'll get a decent fucking job where they NEED me and if I freak out they'll let me go home and take a bath or something.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sulk and sob about how I'm not going to have a valentine for valentines day... AGAIN.
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