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no climax, no punchline, no meaning

Strawberry short-bitch
27 June 1988
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For integrity purposes I am archiving my old info page. Because I am an e-hoarder.

I am a cosmetologist/hurr stylist. I am fucking awesome. I work with awesome people and I am a bad ass who wears sunglasses and walks into the sunset like a boss. Everyone wants to be me, but can't because they are too batshit insane. But seriously, I'm awesome. I have a magical ds and I play ds aquarium and cake mania on it. And I am the BEST at it. Did I mention I'm literate? That's right, I've read like 3 books in like 3 months. I'm like a total fucking bookworm. And guess what, they were REAL books, no pictures. But I didn't give a shit, I used my FUCKING IMAGINATION. And it was incredible. God I can't believe how cool I am. I don't know if I'd fuck me, just cuz like I dunno I see myself naked all the time. But I like fucking other people. Mostly I fuck my boyfriend. He's like 80 feet taller than me, and he has a big weiner, and hes like yoda and shit. But tall.

Ok here's my old shit. Back before I was cool. But yeah whatever, I get to say knew about myself before I was cool.

Semes are a pain in the butt!
Hee hee hee hee!

Ok, for real real, lets talk about me.

I currently am working at a coffee shop and I am (very slowly) working up money to finally start my own life. I hope that in the near future I will have an income that matches with my needs, and I hope that I can become addicted to excersize.

I like yaoi, history, british comedy, DILFs (daddies I would like to fuck), older men, men, art, violin (shh! Secret!), fashion, video games, and love.

I dislike, the dark, mosquitoes, being yelled at, stress, being told a million things at once, my past intolorance, and rude people.

My sexy sexy sexy sexy SEXY awesome fabulous mood theme was taken from the awesome awesome awesome and equally fabulous starbrite-icons!

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