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Strawberry short-bitch

ok remember the chick from: ? (the first one, the craziest)

Ok, well, she keeps coming back, every day. And so finally I refused service on her, because she kept making me increasingly more uncomfortable with each time I served on her. So rather than type the whole story, here's a letter I sent to a friend titled "This is a small town, she can't hide from me forever"

"The title is a quote from the crazy lady today, the quote is about me, since I have started to deny her service. I want nothing to do with her, while I don't hate her, she scares the fuck out of me and I wish she would stop fucking coming every day. Every day she says she won't come back and then the next day she's there asking for me. 3 days ago she came in, I told my manager I refuse to serve on her (which is a servers right, and I already covered the issue with my general manager). Instead of leaving she DEMANDED to talk to me in person, so I had to go to her and say, "Listen, please don't take this personally, but I don't want to serve on you, you make me uncomfortable yadda yadda" and she was all like "You don't have enough female servers, I'm going to have to tell your general manager (she didn't becuz my GM is a skary man), I'm not coming back here" and I was like "kk bye 4eva I have customers bye"
And I seriously felt sorry for her, but I just don't wanna serve on her.

So today, she came in, TWICE. I guess she came in the second time because she was fucking SPYING THROUGH THE WINDOW FOR ME and when she saw me she came in and demanded I told her AGAIN why I refused service. But I am a stubborn bitch so I cowered in the storage room where Nathaniel (my coworker) and Mike (assist manager) explained to her I would NOT serve on her. So she goes on about how she knows I live in skokie (I don't) and how I couldn't avoid her forever (sob). And Jesus christ. So Nathaniel, who has seen and heard everything, finally asks her why she won't be served on by men, so she doesn't answer and walk away. We all suspected as much for an answer.

I'm fucking terrified of her and sometimes I think she is going to stalk me and kill me. :( if this continues I'm going to call the police."


For another story about crazy lady, to further illustrate her crazy, theres some shit my coworker had to go through. This is also an e-mail to my friend

"Oh sorry, I wanted to include a letter about the crazy lady, she might not be coming again anytime soon, or at least me and everyone at work without a penis hopes so. Whenever she comes in me and my coworker hide in the back room, like terrified mice. Last time she came in, I was lucky, it was my coworkers turn to serve. I feel terrible for her. The crazy lady ordered breakfast, THEN dinner. I didn't hear it from the woman herself, but poor Alex (the unfortunate server) told me some stories. We don't really know what to do about her. She doesn't special order, but when she gets the food, she freaks out about every little thing, mostly the things that really, really aren't worth getting worked up for. For breakfast, she ordered the French toast. Now, French toast is SUPPOSED to come with, butter, powdered sugar, and maple syrup. We know the woman is out of her mind, so no powdered sugar, no syrup, but butter on the side, just in case. She gets the food, and when Alex checks back on her, the butter is empty, but the woman seems disappointed.

"Why do you serve butter with this? I don't like butter, it's such a waste of food." She said to Alex. Alex then points out that the butter container is empty, to this the woman replies:
"Why did you have to make me eat the butter, I don't like butter". Of course, no one forced her to eat the butter. This woman has issues. I'm guessing this has something to do with her odd obsessive compulsive habits, like eating everything with a knife, sitting at the same table, and always seating herself (a pet peeve of all the servers here). Part of me wonders if she's autistic or has a strong version of aspergers.

Now that's just the begging. Enter dinnertime (aka post French toast).

She orders the pork chop dinner, she wants a salad, no problems there as far as I can recall (except the mystery of how she ate the salad with just a knife). She asks if there's milk in the gravy. She claims she's lactose intolerant, but she ate the butter for the French toast, and has never told me before she couldn't eat dairy.
Alex asks the cooks, nope. So we go on to serve her the pork chops.

She flips a shit, why this time? Because, there's a BONE in the pork chops. Yes, our pork chops come with a bone inside, not too unusual. She's the only customer who has complained about it. But that of course, is because she's crazy. So she orders the pot roast instead. There's no bones in it, Unless the bones are eatable. She gets it served to her, and AGAIN she is upset. Why? Because she thought the pot roast was served in a bowl. Nope, it's not. And, B... and this one is pretty bizarre, because she claims there are BONES in her pot roast. Rest assured I doubt there can be any bones amongst the shredded meat and carrots. She's just crazy. Crazy crazy crazy. And of course, the worst part is she always pays for her meal as soon as she orders it, making refunds very difficult. Another interesting fact. She claims she used to work in a restaurant. I can NOT for the life of me imagine her serving. She'd get canned in a second, especially if she only served on females. So now me and Alex refuse her service, and we were granted permission by the general manager to do so, and we are the ONLY female servers left at Ihop (no freakin' lie). She screws up business and doesn't normally tip (and if she does it's not too well).

Last time we saw her she was complaining about her iced tea. How DARE it have lemon AND ice in it. Uhm, what? It's ICED tea. Not lukewarm tea. She should have assumed that at the begging. The men dealt with that while me and Alex cowered in the back room.

Thats all I have to say about her. Absolutely batty. She said she might not want to eat here again (as if it was a threat)."

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