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I'm sick of the pain and insecurities I feel around men that I want to be romantically interested in.

So from here on out, I quit love. I'm not asexual, by all means I'm fine with sex. But I'm through with love, I just want to be friends with guys, and maybe have sex with one or two. I want to live this life for myself and myself only. I still care and love my friends, I'd even die for some, but I'd never change myself for anyone. And if I have I need to undo the changes I have done to please others. I want to be myself. If I want to bitch about my life, I'm going to do so and not care what others think. If they're my friends, they should want to hear about what's going on with me. If they don't care, then they were never my friends to begin with.
Even so, I need to live for and love myself.

The high of being loved isn't nearly worth the cost of heartbreak.

I don't need love.

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March 19 2008, 16:13:25 UTC 8 years ago

So, is it better to love and lost or to never have loved at all?
I guess I still stand with how the saying goes, otherwise I would have never learned how terrible it really was.


March 20 2008, 01:55:44 UTC 8 years ago

But, since you hate it so much, never loving would let you avoid the "terribleness." Since love is terrible why not avoid it completely by never experiencing it?
Ning are you being creepy and making anonymous posts on my lj again?

If so this has nothing to do with you, please do something more constructive with your free time.


March 20 2008, 06:07:02 UTC 8 years ago

Maybe, maybe not :)

Who knows who I am?
Well golly gee whiz, I don't know too many people who are NEARLY as souless and freaky about stalking their exes as Alan Ning.

Also your horrible grammar that is close to impossible to follow. I could tell who you were from a mile away. Pleeease, whoever you are (even though I'm almost 100 percent sure you're fucking Ning) just stop commenting and stalking me. Like I said, this post has nothing to do with you.


March 20 2008, 09:47:44 UTC 8 years ago

If I was to deny being Alan Ning, it would probably just make you think I am Alan Ning even more. I won't even deny your assumption/belief that I'm Alan Ning, I don't care who you think I am.

This is your previous response, "Also your horrible grammar that is close to impossible to follow." I don't understand how that is a sentence, its incomplete. I would love for you to try and find a grammar mistake in my comments, but till then, you're the one retard with grammar mistakes. Maybe you should start proofreading your livejournal comments yourself. But then again, it's a frickin comment, who give a crap about grammar, this isn't turned into a teacher or anything right? :) RIGHT?!

If you don't want anonymous comments on your livejournal, don't let non-friends see your livejournal. Wouldn't that be a wonderful solution? :D If you don't do that, I'll see you the next time I decide to post a comment on your livejournal post.

P.S. Whats wrong with my post? You seem to flip out just by the fear that I'm Alan Ning, who I might very well actually be, but you're never actually going to find out for sure who I really am now are you? :)

HINT: Bottom of the Ninth
Great ideas there, I'll make extra special care that this doesn't happen again.

Get a life, Ning or person who is just as sad as him.